Using Servis24 WMS reduces business costs in several ways:

  • better space utilization - less square meters of warehouse are needed to store more quantities of goods.
  • timely and accurate delivery of goods reduces the surpluses and shortages in the warehouse. By delivering quicker and without mistakes, customers will be happier because of the good service.
  • time needed for training a new employee is very minimal, only required training is for the mobile device (PPC).
  • the goods preparation time is shortened, situations where you have to look for goods at the warehouse are avoided, goods are collected by predefined order, thus shortening the way and the route that warehouse collector uses to collect the goods.
  • work according with legal regulations - the rulebook on traceability requirements for food products where the LOT entry is required, same with the expiration date (FEFO method)
  • the shortages and surpluses in the warehouse are reduced by increased control and frequent, rapid partial stocktaking.

1. Reduced equipment costs:
- by introducing the order in the warehouse you get more shelf coverage and up to 30% less investment needed for infrastructure
- warehouses (better utilization = less than 1 square meter of storage space), shelves, pallets, packaging boxes, etc.
- by increasing the delivery rate and defining the traveling time of the forklift you reduce the service interval and the need for new forklifts up to 30%

2. Reduced labor costs:
- decreased time consumed for search - employees that currently use WMS can make up to 40% more orders
- reduced time required for stocktaking, up to 50%
- decreased unnecessary movement through the warehouse, routes and ways of moving are optimized
- increased accuracy of goods deliveries per document reduces the amount of work invested in the "missing goods" surveys

3. Reduced costs through transport equipment:
- increased efficiency decreases use and prolongs the lifespan of forklifts, transport trolleys, vans, trucks, etc.

4. Reduced costs for the employment of capital goods in stock:
- by introducing the order in procurement, giving timely information to buyers and faster delivery of goods, cost of warehouse upkeep reduces while supplying the customers with goods more frequently

5. Reduced costs of wrongfully delivered goods:
- the accuracy of your deliveries makes customer more satisfied, they will buy more often and pay on time, so the cost of returning the wrongly delivered goods is reduced by 60%



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Warehouse managing

Servis24 WMS is a complete 3PL software for companies that do warehousing and transporting.


Managing production

Production software includes tracking of all procedures and operations in the process of production.


Mobile distribution

Mobile distribution allows tracking of unloading, exporting and delivery of shipments over a mobile device in real time.


Ticketing system

Software for tickets sale for different boat/ship routes and/or tickets for excursions on one selling place or more of them.


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