Aktiva Info d.o.o. for IT services was founded in 2001. The main focus of our work is on projecting, creating and implementing of business programming systems, according to the needs and requests of our customers and users with an emphasis on systems in the logistics area (WMS) in which we have a lot of working experience.

Managing system for high-rise warehouses was developed according to the needs of company Lagermax-AED Croatia d.o.o. Software has been in use for 10 years and it's constantly being improved per wishes and requests of the user.

In addition to the WMS software, a fully integrated business solution has been developed, that monitors all production processes without paper documents.

At the moment, our business warehouse management solution indirectly covers the work of more than 120 companies located in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Austria.

Our software solutions are based on the Microsoft SQL Server databases and are developed with the latest versions of Microsoft's developing tools that enable us to connect WMS with existing user programs and we have access to all data through the WEB interface as well.

The software solutions that we make are high quality and offer a strong competitive edge, given our continuous investment in the latest technology, the significant knowledge we have, distribution and investment in constant communication with our customers and users of our services.

Some of our competitive advantages are:

  • Croatian product:
  • Servis24 WMS is a Croatian product, our company Aktiva Info is the software manufacturer and source code owner, and that enables us to make changes and adjustments in a very short time, while also allowing us to track all the specific user requirements.
  • experience in dealing with over 120 companies (goods owners):
  • Aktiva Info's employees have over 10 years of experience in the work and implementation of WMS in the countries of the region. Microsoft technology and SQL databases enable us to maintain system stability at large warehouses and large numbers of workers in the warehouse without any downtime. Since our users, apart from distributor companies, are great foreign and domestic logistics companies, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with different types of goods and various packaging that make specific business processes.
  • our partners do not have any risk while working with us:
  • The partner's risk with which we settle contract is virtually nonexistent because the risk of executing the work is completely taken over by our company. Our usual way is to charge a percentage of the total contracted price for licenses and implementation upon signing the contract. For a number of advances paid, we can issue a guarantee for the successful completion of the work, and the remainder of the contracted value will be paid after system implementation in the deadlines agreed prior to signing with the partner.
  • financing:
  • We are able to offer a part payment or buying a full WMS solution at once.
  • additionally developed software solutions along with the WMS system:
  • With WMS, our company has developed additional plug-and-play solutions along with our WMS, which include:
    a) Servis24 B2B Orders through WEB Interfaces - Servis24 B2B enables multiple people to have access to real-time information about goods (price, quantity, technical characteristics, etc.) and delivers orders (by giving a username and password) in an agreed format that is imported into the ERP system. That way orders (delivery needs) are initially entered into the system by the buyers, thereby significantly reducing the errors and volume of work in the commercial department. The buyer (customer) is provided with information on whether or not there are goods in the warehouse, and also the goods ordered can be booked at the warehouse for that customer at a certain time.
    b) Servis24 Mobile distribution - software solution Servis24 - mobile distribution tracks:
    shipment loading, delivering, and unloading made in the WMS system via Android mobile operating system in real-time, and uses loading and unloading control using barcode technology. This allows supervision of the package delivery and information about the exact time of taking over the shipment.

If you found an interesting software solution for yourself on our website, feel free to contact us, we will invite you to a presentation at our offices where we can show you all the benefits and advantages of our systems.


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Warehouse managing

Servis24 WMS is a complete 3PL software for companies that do warehousing and transporting.


Managing production

Production software includes tracking of all procedures and operations in the process of production.


Mobile distribution

Mobile distribution allows tracking of unloading, exporting and delivery of shipments over a mobile device in real time.


Ticketing system

Software for tickets sale for different boat/ship routes and/or tickets for excursions on one selling place or more of them.


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